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High · Spirits

For Kaja

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You'll find this and worry. Sorry

Sudden important business—can't explain—hope to be back soon
Have taken Sasha and Yong
Please donate books and instruments to orphanage

Christmas presents for you and Odeta in wardrobe—already wrapped, don't worry
Give something nice to Kseniya Borisovna with my thanks—money for this and other stuff in bedside table

Please don't worry too much
Am very sorry about the suddenness
Hug Odetka for me {тебя люблю, голубка!!!♥} 

Love, Janek 


If I don't come back in a few weeks, get out of the USSR while the borders are still permeable. Stay together. I will find you.

Current Location:
Orphanage in Saratov, USSR
Current Mood:
rushed rushed
Current Music:
Shostakovich's Eight Preludes for Piano
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On June 24th, 2008 08:50 pm (UTC), 6dkap1t0l1na413 commented:
Прикольный пост... :)
Всегда завидовала творческим людям... Когда нибудь и я научусь...
Буду очень признательна, если поможете мне победить в конкурсе красоты.
Победа в этом конкурсе ОЧЕНЬ много для меня значит! Заранее благодарна всем, кто откликнется на мою просьбу.

С Уважением, Капитолина.
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