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High Spirits

The Journal of Jan Ruszkowski

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Jan Ruszkowski
26 August 1918
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Player information

Player name: Kelfin
Livejournal: http://pkelfin.livejournal.com/
E-mail: pitykelfin@yahoo.com
RP Experience: None online (but I have experience LARPing and playing tabletop RPGs, and of course writing/acting onstage)


Character applying for: Amiboshi
God: Seiryuu
Powers: Channeling ki through the mouth
Symbol: Ko—High Spirits—Right Shoulder


Name: Jan Ruszkowski

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Nationality: Polish

Languages spoken: English, Esperanto, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Russian

Religion: Roman Catholic

Military/Organizational affiliation: Translator for the Polish Representative to the League of Nations

Physical Description: Jan is a slender young man of average height with muddy-blond hair, high cheekbones, and eyes of a very intense blue. His typical uniform is a suit in gabardine herringbone, accompanied by a tie and a hat—a costume that might make other men seem awkward or stern, but which he wears with ease. He carries a briefcase.

Brief history: Jan was born in Warsaw to Kamil and Agnieszka Ruszkowski, members of the city’s intelligentsia. Kamil Ruszkowski was a linguistics professor at Warsaw University until he drowned in 1936. Agnieszka Ruszkowski gave music lessons in her home; she taught her son to play several instruments. Three younger sisters were born—Kaja (20), Odeta (17), and Ksenia (14). Jan attended Warsaw University on scholarship, studying linguistics. After graduating at the age of 20, he began working for the State as a translator.

Involvement in the War: After Germany invades Poland in 1939, the League of Nations stops meeting. Warsaw, which is besieged, is impossible to enter or leave. Jan, who is in Moscow on business, is unable to go home. He tentatively offers his services as a translator (or a spy?) to Kremlin officials, who may or may not decide to accept help from a Pole.

Awoken? Somewhat

To what degree? Vague, surreal memories preoccupy his daydreams. He has already discovered some of his power—especially when playing wind instruments, giving passionate speeches, and kissing girls—and is a little disturbed.

Relationships with other characters (pre-discussed or potential): Potential with any character located in Russia or Poland, or with any character he might meet while traveling on State business.

Familial/Other relationships: Mother and three sisters, whom he cannot contact; various generic business associates

Character Journal: http://janekami.livejournal.com/

Additional comments: This character is deliberately versatile. He can go anywhere that the story dictates.

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